THURSDAY NIGHT RAGE(Taped) 02-17-2014

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THURSDAY NIGHT RAGE(Taped) 02-17-2014


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Gil: ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another episode of Thursday Night Rage! Live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m Gil Parquet and this is my partner in crime, Lucius Cashmere!

Lucius: Thanks Gil, tonight folks we have a stellar card for you featuring two exhibition matches to feature the final seedings of the tournament.

An airhorn sounds two long blasts, and two spotlights shine straight ahead from either side of the jumbotron.

Gil: Well looks someone couldn’t wait to get things started.

The tron shows the grill of a big rig as the words "CHUCK...THE...TRUCK" appear in succession, in big block letters across the screen. A diesel engine is heard firing up, and then Chuck's music kicks in, "Convoy," by Johnny Cash. Chuck emerges from behind the curtain, and steps onto the stage making the international sign for "blow your airhorn."

The fans respond in kind, pumping their fists up and down as if pulling the cord. Chuck's dressed in his usual blue jeans and black t-shirt bearing the words "TRUCK YOU." His build isn't particularly impressive in terms of being sculpted, but he's a big man; barrell-chested, with large shoulders and arms to match.

He stops halfway to the ring and looks around at the crowd. He then jogs the rest of the way to the ring, rolls under the bottom rope, and climbs a turn buckle, making the "airhorn" sign a few more times, before jumping down and awaiting the arrival of his opponent.

The arena goes dark as the opening of Psycho Circus begins to play. A spotlight shines as Marney in a black trench coat back facing the crowd lowers on what appears to be a trappezee.

When Ace Frehley lets out a yell, Marney removes his coat arms held out and purple, red and black pyro goes off. After the pyro dies down Ringmaster Kennedy appears to the side of Marney. When Frehley yells "Here I am!" Marney walks slowly down the ramp with a stoic look on his face staring lifeless at the ring.

He climbs the stairs and continues to walk along the side of the ring, swinging around the turnbuckle still looking in the ring, before entering.

Announcer: This is scheduled for one fall and contested under exhibition match rules!

The fans cheer excitingly as Chuck and Marney stand in their corners staring the other down. The ref says a few words as he signals for the bell.


Chuck and Marney immediately lock up, a power struggle ensues as the two try to vie for control. They release each other, stepping away from the center of the ring. Chuck clearly smirking as the two circle each other before attempting another lockup, yet Chuck connects with boot to Marney’s gut, following it up with a quick headbutt to the forehead, causing Marney to stumble back.

Chuck whips Marney to the other side of the ring, Marney hits the ropes and comes back into an intense Power Slam as Chuck goes for the first pinfall of the night.


TW~Kickout by Marney. Marney is grabbed by Chuck, who connects with an european uppercut. Marney stumbles back a bit but returns the attack with a right forearm to the face of Chuck, then another one as he follow it up by grabbing his arm, pulling him towards him. He excutes a body to body suplex, knocking the wind out of Chuck as he goes for the cover.


Two...kickout by Chuck, but Marney attempts another pin in frustration..


TWO~kickout again by Chuck as the bell is signalled. The two wrestlers eye each other down as the ringmaster is seen fuming outside the ring.

Announcer: Due to the time limit being reached, this match is considered a draw!

The fans voice their disapproval as the two continue to stare each other down.

Gil: Looks neither could attempt a lasting impact in their first appearance.

Lucius: Only time will tell if either will be ready for the tournament. We’re gonna take a quick commercial break folks. Stay tuned! Up next...Azreal Khaine versus Stuart Ratliff!

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Gil: Welcome back folks! Already in the ring is Stuart Ratliff, whose looking to rebound from his last match into what should be an interesting matchup leading into the VCW Invitational.

Lucius: Seeding is vital for everyone involved and it could not be anymore important!

Journey Through The Decade plays. Azrael appears wearing only a hood.

Announcer: From: Nome, Alaska...weighing in at 169 pounds..

Flames erupt and Azrael appears clad in his wrestling gear and wearing the Green Phoenix mask....

Announcer: AZREAL....KHAINE~!

He charges to the ring and jumps over the top rope and into a roll and comes upon one knee staring at his opponent, Stuart Ratliff. The two exchange a rather cold stare.

Lucius: Is it me or did it suddenly drop in temperature in here folks?

Gil: Must be these two, they haven't even moved from their spots in the ring and you can tell its going to be a firecracker of a match!

The ref checks both wrestlers and signals for the bell. Almost immediately, Azrael dashes at Stuart, a flurry of punches rain down upon him as he pushes Stuart to the corner. He stops briefly as Stuart looks to recover, connecting with an enzuigur. Stuart just falls to the floor.

Gil: The clock has clearly been well cleaned in just a few seconds.

Lucius: And its about to get the finishing touches!

Azrael hops onto the top ropes, spinning around to face the limp form of Stuart Ratliff, he jumps off and into the air...

Gil: Incoming~!

Azrael connects with the Emerald Immolation, almost bouncing off of Stuart following impact. He covers for the pinfall!




The ref signals for the bell as he raises Azrael's hands.

Announcer: Winner of this match within 2 minutes and 45 seconds...AZRAEL...KHAINE~!

Lucius: I think he beat Xander's record for fastest time.

Gil: No question about it. His position in the seeding process just improved, clearly things are going to heat up.

Lucius: Only time will tell if either will be ready for the tournament. We’re gonna take a quick commercial break folks. Stay tuned! Up next...David GS versus one half of Violent Tendencies...JESTER~!

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Gil: This should be a fantastic match Lucius. A legend of the ring, David GS is taking on a promising talent from Global Elite Wrestling, The Jester.

Lucius: It will be quite a test for the youngster.

The lights dim before flaring in time with the opening drums of "Purified".

DGS walks out onto the stage after the opening dirge, garbed in all-black: boots, tights, and a floor-length duster edged in crimson. He pauses briefly atop of the ramp to survey the arena before making his way down to the ring, moving without any sense of urgency or deliberate slowness.

He ascends the steel steps and steps through the ropes, pacing a circle around the inside of the ring before shrugging out of his duster, folding it, and handing it off to a ringside attendant.

He then turns to face the stage, his face completely expressionless, adjusting his wrist tape and elbow pads.

Lucius: DGS is completely focused on this match. He

The lights in the arena dim as the sounds of maniacal laughter fills the stadium.

The eerie opening notes of Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold cuts through the laughter. Just as the opening guitar riff hits, pyros explode and the entranceway is enveloped in green smoke.

Gil: As comical as his name sounds. when The Jester gets in the ring, his opponents aren’t laughing.

The smoke clears to reveal The Jester standing at the top of the ramp alongside Fill, both looking slightly for wear as they take in the fans cheering for them. As they walk down, David is seen leaning on the ropes. He pushes down on the bottom rope, inviting Jester to step in his way.

The duo walk around, still maintaining eye contact on the veteran wrestler as Fill says something inaudible to Jester as David slowly steps towards the center of the ring. His eyes seemingly focused on Jester.

Lucius: Fill giving some last minute advice to his tag team partner.

Gil: What advice do you suppose he can give about someone like DGS.

Lucius: Just survive.

Jester takes to the ring, stepping in as Fill also gets on the ropes and stands in his corner. Jester approaches the center of the ring as David points towards the commentary table, his eyes still on Jester.

The two wrestlers get checked by the ref as the two continue their staredown, the fans in feverish excitement as Fill continues to stand in the corner watching intently.

Gil: The fans are anticipating the start to this match.

As the match is about to kick off, the Lady Gaga’s “The Applause” interrupts the match.

Gil: Hold on a minute here Lucius is that?

Dressed fashionably in a dark suit with blue shirt and thin black tie, Nate Rodgers steps out onto the ramp to a shower of glittering pyro and flashing lights that catch the shiny confetti reflecting it all throughout the arena.

Lucius: You bet it is! It is Nate Rodgers who is not only a former world champion and a perennial thorn in the side of DGS.

Gil: Nate always travels in style.

As he walks down the aisle, Nate Rodgers takes time to shake hands with all the fans at ringside.

Lucius: He was a world class fashion model before becoming a world class wrestler.

Gil: But what is he doing out here.

Neither competitor seems happy to see Rodgers at ringside, but

Nate Rodgers takes a seat at ringside an puts on a headset.

Nate Rodgers: Evening gentlemen.

The ref signals for the bell and the two immediately step back and begin to circle inside the ring. David and Jester finally close the gap, immediately locking up to gain the leverage.

Gil: DGS with the tie up.

Nate Rodgers: It’s great to be here. Great to see up and coming wrestlers like Jester and Fill making a name for themselves in an up and coming promotion like VCW.

After a few seconds, Jester is pushed towards into a corner, the ref indicating for David to let go, yet David doesn't. The ref counts to begins his count...





David breaks up the hold, looking towards the ref as he then turns back to Jester, who quickly reverses the roles, tossing David into the ropes and laying it into him with a flurry of hooks into his ribcage, the fans cheering wildly for him.

Nate: Jester with a flurry of punches there, showing some quick hands.

The ref begins yelling to back off, but is intimidated by Jester who steps into his face. The split moment is all the veteran needs as he connects with a running bulldog to the Jester, the fans immediately boo as he goes for the cover.

Lucius: What a bulldog to stun the Jester.


2~David GS gets off of Jester, smirking in the face of Fill, who watches from the sidelines.

Gil: Some showboating by DGS here. Kind of reminds me of you.

Nate: I was never overconfident, Gil. I was always that good.

He gets on his knees, picking up Jester in the process, in one fluid motion upon standing connects with a vicious snap suplex. He looks down on Jester, who clutches his back as he rolls away in attempt to gain some distance, but David grabs his legs, lifting him up by his feet and slamming them back down on to the mat.

Lucius: Brutality by DGS. You have to hand it to him he still has that hunger.

Nate: All it will take is a split second for someone like Jester to get back into this match, he’s got quickness and cat-like reflexes on his side.

The fans reactions to David only seem to motivate the ring savvy wrestler, as he lands an elbow to Jester's back. He continues the attack, applying another elbow to his opponent's back, then switching it up with a stomp with his left boot to his back. The ref interrupts, pushing him away as Fill verbally injects about the attacks.

Gil: Fill is not happy about the tactics of DGS.

Nate: Fill has Jester’s back like a good partner should. I haven’t watched a lot of Global Elite Wrestling, but I did watch Fill and Jester compete recently. Even though they didn’t end up on the winning end of their matches, they certainly got people to take notice of them.

Jester takes the moment to use the ropes as support, as David approaches he connects with a left elbow to the face, following it up with a standing dropkick,

Nate: What did I tell you about Jester.

Lucius: Astute as always.

Nate: You got that right.

The fans rejoice as Jester grabs David, sending him to the ropes as he quickly dodges a clothesline from the veteran David GS, he hits the ropes himself, bouncing back as David turns around and catches him with a flying shoulder press.

Gil: So when are we going to see you back in the ring?

Nate: I’m sure that’s something all these people here want to know, Gil. “YOU ALL WANT TO SEE NATE RODGERS?”

The crowd pops for Nate Rodgers.

Lucius: So when?

Jester takes a moment to breathe as he approaches his opponent, as he goes to pick him up, he's rolled up for a pin.

Nate Rodgers stands up and salutes the crowd, egging them on. They begin chanting RODGERS! RODGERS! RODGERS!



The chant for Nate Rodgers momentarily distracts DGS.


Lucius: Reversal by Jester!



THR~ the bell rings just before the ref hand hits the mat, the explosion of fans reacting as both Jester and David separate, Jester immediately rolling out of the ring as David looks on in disgust as Fill meets up with Jester, clapping him on the back. The ref voicing towards the announcer what just happened.

Nate Rodgers sits back down.

Announcer: This match, due to time being reached is considered.....a DRAW~!

Nate Rodgers: OHHHHHHHHHH! So close. One second Jester was down and he nearly snatches victory in this match.

Gil: It seems like DGS may have taken his eyes off the match for a split second. What do you say about that.

Though Jester takes the announcement in stride, David looks down at Jester with cold eyes as he spits in disgust at what almost transpired. Both Fill and Jester take to the ramp in celebration, knowing what could have happened.

Nate goes over to congratulate Jester on his match as DGS just glares at them.

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The lights go out as the giant screen lights up with a headless Teddy bear fills the screen as the neon green lights start to flash around the arena. then "Dance of the Crazy Pill by X starts to play. Out walks X wearing his big baggy black cargo pants and a Chicago Cubs jersey that is black and green in color. He's holding a headless Teddy bear with green glow sticks sticking out the bears neck.

Gil: Things just got a bit twisted a few minutes ago ladies and gentlemen.

Lucius: What Gil is saying folks is that during the commericial break, this happened..

A quick change fo scenery flashes across the screens worldwide, reflecting the back hallway. Hector, Matthew's esteemed trainer and wise mentor is seen walking towards supposedly his protege's locker room. The camera tailing from a respectable distance catches a brief flash of two individuals grabbing the man, the taller individual proceeding to knock him out with brutal efficiency against the wall, causing a trickle of blood to appear. The camera stands by, zooming in the two individuals as the smaller one turns to face the camera. A cold, sadistic smile appears on his face as he then turns to face the man being held by his associate.

"Teddy wanted a new playmate Hector. He thought you would be interested in entertaining him. I am sure Matthew would not mind your absence for awhile."

A cold laughter emanates from him as Y, now visible in the camera lighting, carries the man over his left shoulder, as the duo leaves...X is skipping along in excitement as he cackles.

The scene shifts back to ringside where we just catch X skipping around the ring with his teddy as Y watches on annoyed. X completes the lap by jumping onto the top steel step and hopping in with style. The fans clearly showing their disdain for his actions.

Gil: What a despicable turn of events for a man looking to become our first VCW Champion.

Lucius: Clearly taking this little feud of theirs to a whole new level...simply foul and wretched.

Xander grabs the mic from Y as he motions for the music to be cut off. He chuckles a bit as the booing escalates to a fever pitch high.

Xander: What matters that i simply even the playing field. You, Matthew Miguel...have something...

Xander just starts breaking out in maniacal laughter. The fans immediately respond back with even louder boos, some joining up with a "Kidnapper" chant.

Xander: You have....more like HAD something i did not enjoy in my life. You HAD hope alongside you in your life, while i was tossed aside. Yet, tonight i have taken it away. We now have something in common you and I-

Gold on the Ceiling" by the Black Keys kicks on, cutting off Xander as the fans scream wildly for the man facing Xander.

Gil: All hell is gonna break loose!

Lucius: Got the popcorn ready! Folks don't change that tab!

Matthew Miguel comes out to the entrance ramp, its almost deafening as the ring announcer tries to announce Xander's opponent. He doesn't really get a chance as Matthew comes running down with reckless abandon. Y is the first to meet him at the bottom of the ramp, attempting to soften him up, but Matthew dodges, gets behind him and grabs his waistline, sends him smashing into the steel barriers alongside the ramp. He bounces back in pain, turns around...


You can see Y in anguish as he clutches his back. Matthew stands up, looking down upon his victim as he makes sure he stays down. He turns around as Xander is still in the ring, motioning for him to step into the ring. Matthew returns the gesture with a cold smile as he slides into the ring.

The fans pop as soon as Matthew stands to his feet, exchanging lefts and rights with Xander in the middle of the ring. The ref immediately signals to ring the bell as the two continue to slug it out, Xander looking like he's gaining ground, pushing Matthew back into the turnbuckle.

Xander quickly knees Matthew, causing him to double over as he then taking an unorthodox approach by following it up with a vicious european uppercut.

Xander sets up Matthew up in the Tree of Woe, laughing all the while. He slaps Matthew in the face as he steps away to mock the crowd, the fans start booing again as Xander takes a running start, executing a mean dropkick to the chest of Matthew, falls to the mat on impact.

Xander drags Matthew over to the center of the ring, goes to cover him.



Thr-Matthew kicks out, much to the dismay of Xander and the screaming joy of those watching in the arena. Xander gets up in the referee's face, exchanging words before turning around towards Matthew. He goes over to pick him up, but recieve an elbow to his gut...

An another elbow, followed by a forearm to his face, as Matthew whips him across the ring, Xander turns around as he rebounds, right into a clothesline that sends flipping up and over out of the ring.

Matthew takes a moment to survey Xander as he sprints to one side of the ring back over, jumping through the second rope and straight into Xander, pinning him into the commentary.

Gil: Matt uses Splash and it was super |BLEEP|ing effective!

Lucius: Were you up playing Pokemon Y late yesterday?


Matthew grabs Xander, setting him up for a german suplex, but Xanders wraps his left leg around Matthew's. Matt tries again, but Xander goes up and over, landing on his feet. He pushes Matthew into the steel post, who then falls to the ground from impact.


Xander sways to and fro as he approaches Matthew. He kicks Matthew in the gut for good measure, before grabbing him. He drags him over to the barricades, attempts to slam his arms on the barricade, but Matthew props his left foot up on the barricade, reversing the attempt into one of his own, causing Xander to yelp in pain, clutching his arm.


Matthew stalks Xander as he walks away from him. Matthew clubs him from behind a double handed blow to the back, before grabbing him and spinning him around.


Matthew kicks him quickly in the gut, grabs ahold and execute a snap suplex to the ground, you can here the fans express their emotions to Xander having flesh meet the ground.


Matthew realizes he needs a clean victory, gets up.....and dodges a close call with Y trying to assist Xander. Matthew swiftly turns around, connecting with a standing dropkick that sends the man into the rising Xander, the fans rejoice for the quick actions of their fan favorite.


Matthew rolls into the ring..


and rolls right back out, intentionally resetting the count as he rolls back out. He grabs ahold of Xander, drags him over to the edge of the ring mat, slamming his head on there twice for good measure, before rolling him in. He turns towards Xander's associate with a wild look in his, he roars savagely as Y is coming to.

Gil: This is about to get worse for this duo.


Matthew grabs ahold of Y, locking Y's head between his thighs as he lifts, and brings him down with a powerbomb, effectively knocking out the man who kidnapped his trainer.


Matthew walks towards the ring, as Xander is seen crawling a bit, half-conscious and half-scared. Matthew gets into the ring, reaching for Xander and picking him up, but X smacks Matt across the mouth with a huge spinning wheel kick, and Matt goes down!

Matt scrambles up, holding his jaw, and another spinning wheel kick takes him down! Matt scrambles up again, and X comes off the ropes with a huge dropkick to the chest! Miguel stumbles backwards into the corner. He drops to his butt, checking his lip for blood in a daze.

Gil: Fantastic offense by X! His speed is incredible!

X backs up, laughing as the crowd boos. With a burst of speed he charges into the corner going for his signature face watch!

WAIT!! Matthew astonishingly catches his foot with both hands!

Lucius: WHAT!? Did he just catch that running facewash?

Matt powers out of the corner, shoving X back into another roll on the mat by the foot! Xander gets up, trying to rush forward for another burst of offense, and he's nearly decapitated by a flying shoulder to his face. X is blasted off his feet, and for a long moment, both athletes lay for a moment on the mat as the crowd cheers.






Matt gets up first, drags up X, and catches a european uppercut! Matt is staggered, and but blocks a wild punch by the madman and pulls him into a Muay Thai Clinch.

Announcer: Here is that diverse skillset of Matthew Miguel!

Matt blast him in the face and chest with a few heavy knees, then sinks in the double underhook. Powers him up... and slams him hard with a double underhook sit out powerbomb! He goes for the pin....




Ding Ding Ding!

Announcer: The winner of this match....MATTHEW MIGUEL~!

The ref raises Matthew's hand, but its pulled away as Matt goes over to Xander and begins demanding answers, but Xander just laughs. This only prompts Matthew to begin pummeling his face as security comes down to separate the two.

Gil: Momentum is clearly in Matthew's side, but at the cost of his mentor being taken away.

Lucius: Who knows what Xander and his cohort have done with him! Only time will tell. Tune in next time folks, its only gonna get better from here.
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