Thursday Night Rage(Taped) 02-01-2014

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Thursday Night Rage(Taped) 02-01-2014


Beitragvon JamesRanger(VCW) » Mi 26. Feb 2014, 04:07

Gil:Ladies and Gentlemen...welcome to another edition of Thursday Night Rage! I’m Gil Parquet and sitting with me at the booth is Lucius Cashmere.Tonight we call Villanova..our home as the initial phase of the VCW Seeding comes to a close tonight!

Lucius :D amn straight, three more matches folks of exhibition to see what the folks have to offer leading up to what will ultimately be an race to be called the VCW Champion.

Gil:And we just recieved word that the VCW Owner James Ranger will be present to unveil the VCW Championship and with Global Elite Wrestling’s finest present tonight, its bound to stir a feeling in them.

Lucius: Maybe he can deal with that annoyance Xander pulled off last time. Speaking of which he just left somewhere...

The camera changes view as what can only be seen as Xander sticks his head out from a room, his teddy above his head looking both ways.

Xander: Looks cleared Teddy. Of course, i know this is a success. He has not shown up yet. I am sure he will like the welcome gift i left.

Xander and Teddy step away, snickering as he leaves, a horse fly flying out above them and landing on the door as it closes. It tries to get in, but just ends up landing on the nameplate of one 'Mike Raven" as the camera zooms out.

Lucius: My god, what did he do this time?

Gil: I wouldn't know, but we will get more information for you folks as we take a quick break.

Ding Ding Ding

Ring Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall and contested under exhibition rules..

The lights go out in the arena as a confederate flag waves across the screen. “Southern Renegade” by Moccasin Creek begins to play as a skull wearing a cowboy hat begins to fade in on top of the flag on the screen.

Rign Announcer: From Nashville, Tennesse...weighing at 285 pounds...

The stage explodes in White pyro and the lights come back up with Mike Raven standing on the stage.

Ring Announcer: MIKE RAVEN!

He is holding a long neck bottle of beer and wearing a black cowboy hat and a pair of black tights with white cow skulls on the thigh area.

Gil:What we have here folks is a case of strong loyalty of the old days.

Lucius: That bottle should be kept backstage unless he plans on sharing it.

He takes a final drink from his beer and tosses it off the ramp and starts to walk toward the ring.

The lights go out as the giant screen lights up with a headless Teddy bear fills the screen as the neon green lights start to flash around the arena.

That teddy bear gives me the creeps Gil.

It doesn’t creep out its owner though. The man currently is the man to beat heading into the tournament.

Juno Reactor's Mutant Message starts to play. Out walks X wearing his big baggy black cargo pants and a Chicago Cubs jersey that is black and green in color. He's holding a headless Teddy bear with green glow sticks sticking out the bears neck.

From Chicago, Illinois...weighing at 180 pounds...XANDER HAYES!

He then starts to talk to the bear as he nods and makes his way to the ring. As he slides under the bottom rope he places Teddy in the corner and pulls out the glow sticks as he starts to put on a show for the fans.

Ladies and gentlemen, earlier tonight, Xander thought it fitting to destroy Mike Raven’s locker room, this is information of course we just got now…

And to describe what he left for Mike Raven….well...let’s just say i almost lost ten pounds in water weight.

Mike immediately wastes little time trying to get his hands on Xander as the ref signals for the bell. Xanders sidesteps the angry man, connecting with a dropkick that propels him over to the turnbuckle. He bounces out, right into Xander’s waiting he connects instantly with the Ecstasy (Reverse DDT). He goes for the pin.




The fans cheer for Xander’s as he hops up, grabbing his teddy bear, snickering all the while at Mike Raven as the ref goes to raise his hand.

Announcer: Annd the winner of this match at 2:10….Xander Hayes!

While i can say he has skill and the potential to be our VCW Champion, i worry more about what the boss will have to say about his actions.

Definitely a problem I am sure, but right now Xander goes into the tournament with some serious momentum.

The camera cuts to the executive suite of free agent Nate Rodgers, observing the finished match, a waiter stands behind, tray in hand.

Waiter: Mister Ranger hopes you appreciate the luxuries provided, due to the stadium’s lack of a skybox.

Nate simply nods as the camera zooms away...a slight audible song playing of Lady Gaga’s “Applause” is heard as the views shifts back to ringside.


Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall and is contested under exhibition rules!

A flash of Global Elite Wrestling’s emblem flashes across the screen and jumbotron…

Fill shows up under the jumbotron a few seconds after the song "Today Is The Day" by Dope hits.

Announcer: Hailing from Shumen, Bulgaria...weighing 225 pounds...representing GEW...FILL!

He looks at the ring with fear in his eyes as if he is wondering whether he can take it.He walks down to it talking to himself at moments even stopping and talking to himself.

Gil, VCW and GEW just recently announced that their partnership is official, yet one would have to wonder with sending these men here what they got themselves into.

Lucius, Fill here is an experienced wrestler...are you calling him a sacrifice?

He enters the ring when the vocal starts singing "I want to be free of everything" and at the same time Fill screams "This stress is killing me" and makes an angry look at the crowd.

No, but has to wonder when you come to another promotion, what is at stake.

Announcer: Introducing his opponent…

As his theme song, "Gold on the Ceiling" by the Black Keys kicks on, Matt comes out with his game face on. Behind him, a "Matt Work" cameraman follows, circling around to stand near the VCW cameramen as Matt walks to the edge of the stage and shouts at the crowd, amping them up.

Announcer: Weighing 252 pounds...from Los Angeles, California...MATT-HEW MIGUEL!

He then heads down to the ramp talking trash, tossing his hoodie to the side as he slides in the ring and works the ropes.

Lucius: It goes without saying that we have recently signed fresh talent into VCW explicitly to show that VCW is primed for any would be skirmishes, and this man here is an prime example!

Gil: This is sponsered by Vanguard Sports themselves, making him a prime candidate you for becoming the next VCW Champion.

Matthew gets onto the steel steps quickly, wasting little time as he gets into the ring and walks straight into Fill’s face, who doesn’t back down either. The ref struggles to separate the two as they begin to exchange some heated words.

Lucius: That’s what i like to see, some old fashion trashtalking, gets the blood boiling.

The ref signals for the bell just as the two separate and back away from each other. The two begin to circle the ring, the fans pumped for the match. The two lock up in the center of the ring, a power struggle ensues as Matthew gains the advantage, locking in a headlock on Fill.

Fill tries to undo the lock, only for Matthew to twist and shift his weight, causing pain to Fill as he attempts each time to undo the lock. Fill manages to pull Matthew over to the ropes, using the momentum to push him off and away. Matt comes back, but fill lies flat on the ground, forcing him to jump over and into the opposite ropes. Matt comes back and attempts a brutal clothesline, but Fill dodges cleanly and follows up with a chickenwing sleeper hold, leaning back for added pressure.

A fine display by both here tonight as they display their prowess of technical know-how.

But the question can GEW pull of a rebound of a win here against VCW’s own?

Fill has Matthew on the ropes as Matthew tries to power himself, his eyes half-glazed as he attempts to power out, elbowing Fill in the chest three times. He goes for a punch, but Fill ducks again, connecting with a german suplex that wows the fans as he follows up with a bridge pin.



Matthew kicks out of the attempt, rushing to feet, only for Fill to grab and him whip him to the ropes. Matthew bounces back, jumping into the air with a shoulder tackle, taking down Fill. As Fill gets up, he is met with a standing dropkick. A pinfall attempt is made.


TW~Fill kicks out, Matt grabs ahold of Fill, connecting with vicious attacks to the chest with his knees, then whips him over to the turnbuckle, running close behind and connecting with a body splash on him.

A display of MMA displayed here folks. Matthew looking to secure the match.

Matthew begins a series of punches to the chest and gut of Fill, who looks like he is out of it as Matt steps back. Fill slowly stumbles out into a kick into the gut. Fill is hoisted up into a powerbomb manavuer, but snaps to on the fall, reversing it into a DDT. Both wrestlers lie limp and exhausted as the ref checks on both.

Beautiful counter by Fill, avoiding a nasty defeat at the hands of Matthew.

Fill rolls over as the ref is on the counting, on the number four, he manages to roll Matthew up and over, covering him.



THR~~Matthew kicks out, to the surprise of Fill. The fans share his shock as he attempts to get up. He motions for the end, extending one hand up, with one finger aiming for the sky and then bringing it down as he picks up Matthew up…

And the bell rings, signalifying that the match limit has been reached. Fill steps back as Matthew stands up. The two look at each other, before seemingly ignoring the ruling, throwing punches at each other.

Lucius: The match is over! What are they doing?

Gil: Neither are satisfied with the outcome, clearly one wants to walk away from this match the dominant wrestler.

The fans get excited as staffing from the back have to come into the ring to separate the two. Neither looking to back away.

*Insert commercial*

Gil: Welcome back folks to Thursday Night Rage already we have seen two interesting matches here, with Fill and Matthew trying to tear down the house as neither saw fit to be satisfied with the ruling of their match. I’m sure they will meet up again in the tournament.

Lucius: Of course, but now we have Diamond already in the ring, looking to be set in place for his match against another of GEW’s Jester.

The lights in the arena dim as the sounds of maniacal laughter fills the stadium. The eerie opening notes of Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold cuts through the laughter.

Announcer: Representing GEW….from places unknown..

Just as the opening guitar riff hits, pyros explode and the entranceway is enveloped in green smoke.

Announcer: Weighing 254 pounds...THE JESTER!

The smoke clears to reveal The Jester standing at the top of the ramp with his baseball bat over the left shoulder, an evil half smile/ half smirk stretched across his face. He pans his head slowly around the arena, drinking in the cheers of the fans.

Lucius: It has yet to be confirmed if we’re allowed to say this…

Gil: But you’re gonna say it anyway.

Lucius: The Jester was in competition in GEW to defend the GEW Television Championship...and it seems he is not carrying it with him.

Gil: Maybe he left it at home...are you trying to pry into his business? The man is no doubt a skilled wrestler.

He walks steadily, with purpose, towards the ring and quickly slides under the bottom rope. He rises to his feet in the center of the ring, further enthralled by the continuing enthusiastic response of the fans. He raises a triumphant arm in response to the audience’s chants of support before making his way over to a corner.

The ref signals for the bell, Jester wasting very little time in clotheslining Diamond to the ground. He immediately dropkicks him as he rises, picking him up and connecting with a vicious looking cradle neckbreaker. He cover for the pin.




Gil: Well...that was quick.

Announcer: And the winner of this match in 1:15 minutes...THE JESTER!

Jester gets his hand raised as Diamond rolls out of the ring. The celebration is however abit shortlived as "Returning Good for Evil" is heard...

[Hide Video]

Lucius: Here comes the boss!

James Ranger, dressed in black silk suit, is appears on the stage. In his left hand seems to be a veiled championship bag. He makes little to hide it as he raises it over his head as he makes his way down to the ring. Jester makes to exit the ring, but James Ranger insists that he stay as he gets in. He walks over to the other side, grabbing a mic from the staff on hand.

James Ranger: Give it up for the Jester!

The fans respond with cheers for the Jester, who eyes James Ranger cautiously.

James Ranger: I thought it fitting that i appear alongside the winner of the last match, and give them an upclose look at what i have in my hand right here.

The camera zooms in on the bag, James pats the front of the bag, smiling as he holds it with both hands.

James Ranger: This belt here signifies the best of this wrestling promotion has to offer, it represents the most dominant wrestler in the ring and the most publicized wrestler on the streets around the globe. I hereby show the world the top prize in the VCW Invitational....the VCW Championship!

James Ranger shows it off to the fans in attendance, stopping short of displaying it in front of The Jester before tucking it under his left arm, raises his mic up.

James Ranger: Good luck to everyone involved, the next show wraps up the seedings...the tournament officially begins ladies and begins.

The VCW Owner's theme hits, he steps out of the ring, leaving The Jester watching in the ring, a look of hunger displayed.

Lucius: Tune next time folks, business is indeed going to pick up. The the VCW Championship...and only one person can become that champion.

Gil: Thank you and good night folks!
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