Thursday Night Rage(Taped) 01-19-2014

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Thursday Night Rage(Taped) 01-19-2014


Beitragvon JamesRanger(VCW) » Mi 26. Feb 2014, 04:04

Gil Paraquet: Ladies and gentlemen...welcome to Thursday Night from location, location. I'm Gil Parquet and this my partner in crime, Mr. Lucius Cashmere!

Lucius Cashmere: Thank you for the introduction Gil, but more importantly folks, this the preimere grand opening...a first of many nights to come. Tonight marks the first of Valor Championship Wrestling, brought to you of course by our sponsor Hulu.

Gil Paraquet: Why Hulu has been kind enough to give us the viewers, we provide the wrestlers for their entertainment. Tonight's card is set up to show off the skills of our wrestlers competing tonight, in preparation for the tournament to crown our first VCW Champion.

Lucius: Looking through this card, we have gotten a mixture of styles present in these matches set up by our commissioner, but first we cut backstage with an interview by the lovely Jesse Phoenix.

The screen cuts back as the cameraman gets into proper position as the suntanned Jesse Phoenix is busy checking her notes on the person she will be interviewing. You can hear the catcalls in the arena watching her from the Valortron onstage as she brushes back her red hair.

"Hurry up! I hear him coming," she whispers to the cameraman as she smooths out as the footsteps and talking gets louder from the distance as two wrestlers approach from the doorway to the stairs.

"No no, we should of went this way!"

"I trust my thinking is better than yours and the way to the locker room is this way!"

"Not as good as the parlor tri-why hell-O nurse!"

The lone figure holding a disemboweled teddy bear stops as Jesse Phoenix approaches, the cameraman adjusting the view so the duo and the journalist are in view.

Ladies and Gentlemen, i am here with-

Wait...we're on camera Teddy..

Teddy proceeds to get closer to the camera as Jesse looks on perplexed by the duo's actions, X takes notice of Jesse again and reins in his friend.

The name's Jesse Phoenix, I've got a couple of questions regarding your signing with VCW.

Go ahead Jesse. Fire away.

First, what is your thoughts on tonight's match with Chronos Campbell?

Well, for starters not much of a talker, but i am sure he will be singing a different tune. truly just buying time for his eventual defeat. Cliche or not, he truly couldn't have any worse luck than before.

And what are your thoughts for the tournament to crown the first VCW Champion?

VCW Championship? Its great, but i know of a belt that has garnered my interest. Right Teddy?

He pauses a bit as if listening to the teddy bear talk.

What truck?

As if on cue, the camera switches locations for the viewers, showing off a limo being filled to the brim with cement. It switches back as the duo seem to be snickering about something.

Lucius: What gives?! Hopefully that limo didn't belong to someone important.

Xander: Look...Teddy and I...we're here to set the world ablaze...literally speaking. There's nothing out there that we can't do...and there's nothing stopping us from being the next vCW Champion.

Xander: I’m not paying you for that bet. You lost.

The two begin to struggle with each other as Jesse steps away, unsure if she wants to continue with the interview. The view shifts back to the arena...


The sound of the bell being rung is heard throughout the arena as the fans begin to get restless.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is contested under exhibition rules for a duration of five minutes...

"Birthright" by Celldweller begins to play as the lights dim around the arena, the lights around the entrance ramp brighten, obscuring the view of the wrestler coming out as the reaches a fever pitch.

Announcer: Weighing 239 pounds, from Omaha, Nebraska....he is the Phenom...DAVID GS~!

Lucius: What we have here ladies and gent, is a dashing young man with a future still undetermined. Greatness only awaits him here.

Gil: It only took this company three months to get him to sign with us. The means to acquire talent like him...

Lucius: Are you saying he's worth more-

Gil: That has yet to be seen Lucius. That has yet to be seen.

David GS stands in the ring, taking off his jacket as the lights turn to orange and teal as “Fins” by Jimmy Buffett starts to play.

Fireworks come off the top of the video wall as Stuart comes out in a hawaiian shirt and a Tommy Bahama hat. He walks down the aisle high fiving the fans and goes in the ring.

Announcer: From Hollywood, Florida...weighing at 230 pounds...Stuart...Ratliff!

Lucius: Another wrestler looking to take his career to new heights.

Gil: Took the words right out of mouth. Mr. Ratliff is a technically sound wrestler ahead of his time. What we’re about to see folks is a test of matwork between these two that should be exciting to say the least.

Stuart and David meet in the center of the ring as the ref stands between them. The fans in attendance murmur as the two trade some words, then step away. The ref signals for the bell to be rung as the two wrestlers begin to move in a little, looking for openings.

They meet up in the center and lock up, jockeying for position and potential leverage. David connects with a knee to the gut, causing Stuart to lose his grip. He follows up with a right to the face, then another as he pushes him backwards. He grabs Stuart’s arm, whipping to the other side of the ring. As he bounces back, he drops to the ground, forcing Stuart to keep momentum going as he hops over him and into the other side of the ring.

As Stuart comes back, David grabs ahold of him and connects with a german suplex. Stuart bounces off the mat, attempting to get up quickly, only to get dropped back down with a quick standing dropkick. He goes for the pin.


Tw-Kickout by Stuart Ratliff he struggles against the Phenom’s headlock. Shifting his weight a bit, Stuart manages to force his way into a standing position while still locked in the headlock. He elbows David GS three times, freeing him from the hold, then connects with a forearm to the face, then a dropkick of his own.

He grabs ahold of his opponent, setting him up before he lifts him up, showcasing his strength to those in attendance. He smiles before falling back, connecting his Vertical Suplex. He covers for the pinfall!


Two...kickout by David GS. The groans of the fans are get louder as the bell is rung and two wrestlers look on at the ref who informs of the time limit.

Announcer: Due to the time limit expiring, this matchup is declared a draw!

The referee raises both wrestlers’ hands into the air amongst a mixed reaction from the crowd. The view shifts a bit as a well dressed individual is seen standing clapping for both wrestlers. A manila envelope tucked under his left arm.

Lucius: A potential wrestler in attendance tonight. None other than Nate Rodgers, but why is he here observing the match instead of competing?

Gil: Just as he was scouted for the business, he is scouting out the wrestlers vying for the VCW Championship.

Lucius: Well lets take a quick break here folks and we will be right back.

[Hide Video]

Jesse Phoenix is standing in the ring with a microphone.

Jesse – “Ladies and gentleman, my next guest is the GEW TV champion. Please give a big hand to The Jester!”

The lights in the arena dim as the sounds of maniacal laughter fills the stadium. The eerie opening notes of Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold cuts through the laughter. Just as the opening guitar riff hits, pyros explode and the entrance way is enveloped in green smoke. The smoke clears to reveal The Jester standing at the top of the ramp with his GEW TV titled belt d|BLEEP|d over one shoulder and his baseball bat over the other, a devilish smile stretched across his face. He pans his head slowly around the arena, drinking in the cheers of the fans. He walks steadily, with purpose, towards the ring, high fiving with a few fans along the way, and quickly slides under the bottom rope. He rises to his feet in the center of the ring, further enthralled by the continuing enthusiastic response of the fans. He raises a triumphant arm in response to the audience’s chants of support before making his way to the center of the ring where Jesse is waiting.

Jesse – “Welcome to the VCW Jester.”

Jester – “Thank you Jesse, I’m happy to be here and proud to be representing the GEW.”

Jesse – “With everything you have going on in GEW what made you decide to lend your time to VCW?”

Jester – “I wanted to help support Ranger’s new organization. I know you have plenty of talent here in VCW but it never hurts to have a little extra star power.”

Jesse – “Do you have something specific planned for your time in VCW?”

Jester – “I always have a plan Jesse. I have someone in mind to challenge, and that someone is David “Don’t Call Me Dave” GS. David, this isn't meant as a sign of disrespect. In fact, I have a great deal of respect for you and all that you’ve accomplished. But I believe that in this business if you’re not moving forward then you’re sinking, and the best way I know to move forward is by fighting the best. And there’s no doubt that you are one of the best. I promise you that this will be a battle that pushes both of us to the edge. This isn't about titles or standings. This is about the best the VCW has to offer facing off against the best GEW has to offer. It’s about giving the fans a show they will never forget. I’ll be awaiting you answer David, don’t let me down.”

Jesse – “You heard it here first fans, The Jester has officially challenged David GS!”

Jester – “One more thing before I go Jesse. As some of you may know, I’m a member of a little tag team called Violent Tendencies with my partner Fill. A tag team that is former WWX tag champions. So we would like to offer an open challenge to any tag team in VCW. Let’s see if anyone has the guts to step up to the challenge.”

Jesse – “Thank you for talking to me today Jester and good luck in all your future endeavors.”

Jester holds his TV title up to the cheering fans one last time before sliding out of the ring and heading backstage.

Lucius: Now the only question is: Will David GS take the challenge?

[Hide Video]

The bell is rung to announce the match is about to start, the fans simmer down, though some are restless as they await the arrival of the next match.

Announcer: This match is an exhibition match and is scheduled for one fall...introducing already in the ring, weighing 185 pounds, from Buffalo, New York….Blaine Evans!

Gil: This man, according to rumors in various promotions, is rather skilled individual. One of many wrestlers here tonight to look out for.

Lucius: Are you implying he could be the first VCW Champion?

Gil: Not at all. Just a general opinion.

The lights of the arena begin to slowly fade down until it is dark throughout the arena. The fans have went silent, smoke begins to rise from the floor, and a reddish orange light become to overflow the arena.

Announcer: Introducing his opponent...

"My Story" by R. Kelly begins to play over the arena as Tommy Gavin can be seen standing at the top of the entrance ramp, mixed reactions come from the arena as some of the fans that like Tommy are cheering and then ones who dislike the way he acts boo.

Announcer: From Boston, Massachusetts...weighing 206 pounds...TOMMY GAVIN!

Tommy then makes his way down the ramp, and into the ring as the smoke has slowly faded away and the entrance music slowly faded away as well. The two superstars immediately bump heads, causing the ref to immediately stand between them.

Gil: Tension right out of the get-go. We’re in for a slobberknocker folks.

Once they stopped trash talking and stepped away from each other, the ref signaled for the bell to be rung. Almost immediately, the two clash, trading blows left and right. Blaine Evans gains the advantage, dodging a left and connecting with a standing dropkick. He quickly goes for the cover.


Tommy Kicks out, tries to get up, but receive a vicious kick to the left arm by Blaine as he tries to keep Tommy grounded. He follows up with another kick this time to the chest, sending Tommy Gavin down. He covers Tommy again, but as he attempts to do so, gets caught in a school boy roll up. The ref counts…


Tw- Blaine kicks out!.

Both wrestlers rise up, Blaine tries to connect with a roundhouse kick, but Tommy dodges it, coming up behind Blaine and connecting with a reverse neck breaker. He attempts to go for another cover, but the bell is rung before the pinfall.

Announcer: Due to time limit reached, this match is declared a draw!

Lucius: What brief, if not powerful preview of the wrestlers here tonight folks. If anything, this tournament is gonna be looking tough in the following months.


Announcer:This match is the main event of tonight and it is contested for one fall.

The lights go out as the giant screen lights up with a headless Teddy bear fills the screen as the neon green lights start to flash around the arena. then Juno Reactor's Mutant Message starts to play.

Lucius: What in the devil..

Out walks X wearing his big baggy black cargo pants and a Chicago Cubs jersey that is black and green in color. He's holding a headless Teddy bear with green glow sticks sticking out the bears neck. He then starts to talk to the bear as he nods and makes his way to the ring.

Gil: So lets...get this straight. How did that teddy bear talk?

Lucius: A more serious question is...who upstairs wanted to sign this nut?

Gil: There has to be a reason why I’m sure. Hopefully they cleaned up the limo from earlier.

As he slides under the bottom rope he places Teddy in the corner and pulls out the glow sticks as he starts to put on a show for the fans.

He then stops and walks to where Teddy is and sit's down and waits for the match to start, talking to Teddy. As he talks to Teddy, The lights simultaneously dim on out throughout the entire Valor Championship Wrestling arena.

"It's Mmmmm mmmm Good when you're a Campbell!"

As the arena hears the voice echo throughout the arena the Valor tron kicks on and the words "CLASS", "RESPECT", "SKILL", "HONOR", and "JUSTICE" flash across the screen before images of Cronos himself flash across the screen. After a few moments the words "Cronos Campbell" flicker onto the screen in old English Gold lettering as “Justice” By Rev Theory begins to play on out of the PA sound system and echoing throughout the arena. One single light flickers on and lights up the entrance ramp of where the black curtains can be seen, after a few minutes, CRONOS CAMPBELL comes walking on out.

Announcer: He hails from Los Angeles, California... standing in at 6 foot 3 inches, and weighing in tonight at 2 hundred and 45 pounds... he is CRRRRRRRRRONOS CAAAAAMPBELL!!!!!

The arena floods with approval and cheers as his name is heard, once heard Cronos continues to look out into the darkness that surrounds around him, before slowly making his way on down to the ring, his silhouette being lit up by the flickering light that can be seen shining down upon him.

Lucius: What we got here….is a Class A wrestler..

Gil: I say more like a wannabe model.

Once at ringside Campbell walks atop the awaiting steel steps, once atop of the steel steps he climbs atop the nearest turnbuckle, arched atop of it as he looks out into the rows of nearby screaming fans, as he does, he throws his arms out as he continues to get booed from the fans before jumping down from the top.

The ref checks both wrestlers, taking a bit longer to convince Xander to listen to what he has to say. Xander looks on at Chronos as the ref talks, smiling all the while.

The ref steps away looks at both before signalling for the bell to be rung. The two wrestlers immediately begin to circle each other, the more lighter Xander jokingly attempts to a lock up with Chronos, but at the last second pulls away, ducking under the attempted grab of Chronos.

Lucius: This seems like a game to Xander. Is he taking this match seriously?

Gil: Anyone’s guess.

The frustration showing on Chrono’s face shows more and more as Xander seems to take delight in making him waste energy around the ring. A final attempt to grab him results in Xander ducking, swiftly turning around and connecting a standing dropkick to his chest. Xander immediately goes on the offensive, connecting with a Japanese arm drag as Chronos rushed at him, connecting with another arm drag.

As Chronos gets up, Xander quickly grabs him and connects with a quick stunner, which sends the man stumbling a bit, long enough for Xander to grab him and set him up for the Ecstasy.

He connects with his finisher, covering his opponent as the ref makes the count.




Announcer: The winner of this match….Xander X Rayes!

Gil: A strong, if not weird showing by the mysterious Xander Rayes. Looks like he could be heading into the tournament with some steam after tonight.

Lucius: I couldn't agree more, but we have yet to see have the wrestlers from Global Elite Wrestling have up their sleeve.

Gil: Thank you for coming folks and catch us two weeks from now. As the seeding phase continue in our VCW Championship Invitational.
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