VCW NEWS: The Show Must Go On!

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VCW NEWS: The Show Must Go On!


Beitragvon JamesRanger(VCW) » So 12. Jan 2014, 23:48

Valor Championship Wrestling has reported that its roster seem to be testing those in charge, as only one wrestler has actively taken part in promoting themselves for the public prior to the first card of Thursday Night Rage. The new year already looks bleak as the company is facing quite an embarrassment. Word has yet to be given to cancel the show.

A rather bold move according to Public Relations Manager Kagome Rose, who had this to say to the wrestling world: "Why we opened our doors, many seem to take that as a free pass to spit in our face. While our championships are not of global standards...our hearts are. This company will remain open....and business shall pick up regardless of what others perceive or tell us."

More information as this story develops...Thursday Night Rage is still set to be taped and placed in Hulu's archive for viewing Friday night eastern time at midnight folks.
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