SERENA vs RAVENOUS show is here!!!

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Erstes Match bestritten
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SERENA vs RAVENOUS show is here!!!


Beitragvon tOm~! » Do 1. Okt 2015, 19:24

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine from the „s1“-Server* of TWG ( the wrestling game ) , who calls himself "Ravenous", had the same Problem like many FW-Players before him, during a running story and because of a season break of his Federation at TWG, he wasn´t able to continue with his stuff.

So he decided to produce a show by himself to finish his Story. At first the plan was, to build a little Show around one Match. After Ravenous had a long feud against his Twink-Character „Serena“ this Episode should be the Showdown of his Storyline, with the Battle between Ravenous and Serena as Main Event.

After all, with some help of his friends, he produced a whole Wrestling Show, including Backstage&Locker Room Skits, Interviews, Speeches, Commercial Breaks and a Bonus Match before it all ends in a stunning 27 Minutes Main Event Match.

Also Ravenous´ Style is far away from the typical „WWE“-Mainstream Wrestling, and he uses a lot of Comic and Manga impressions in his „Dungeon“-Wrestling World.

´Nuff said...

SERENA vs RAVENOUS show is here!!!

I really was impressed about his Show, such a big surprise, because like I said before, I thought he will release some kind of „Mini-Show“ and for me it´s a good example, that at least everything is about motivation.

Actually Ravenous starts a new project, you can find him here.

*The s1-Server is the Main-Server of TWG, with a lot of traditional Fantasy Wrestling Federations.
*Deutschland wird sich drastisch verändern, und ich freue mich darauf.* "Katrin" Göring-Eckardt, Bündnis90/Die Grünen

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